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What is the “Female gaze”?

The female gaze is a term from feminist film theory that represents the perspective of female protagonists, directors and audiences. Beyond gender, what is problematised is the absence of women as subjects. Therefore, both genders can produce films with a female gaze. It arises as a response to the term proposed by feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey, male gaze, which represents not only the gaze of a heterosexual male spectator, but also the gaze of the male character and the male creator of the film. Today, the term female gaze has been used to refer to the perspective that a female filmmaker (writer/director/producer) brings to a film and how it differs from a male view of the subject. The female gaze does not seek to prohibit sex, desires and fantasies, but to show that these can exist without objectification. It puts men and women on the same level.

Si os interesa seguir leyendo, la verdad es que la entrada de Wikipedia sobre el asunto es una maravilla:

Aprovechamos para recomendaros este video en el que Joey Soloway en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto exploró la definición de la female gaze de una manera brillante:

Here are some recommendations that we are particularly fond of and that we think are fantastic examples of this new look in audiovisuals:

The film True Things (2021) by director Harry Wootliff, available on Filmin

Joey Soloway's I Love Dick (2016) available on Prime Video

The film Fish Tank (2009), by director Andrea Arnold, available on Filmin

The series "Cardo" (2022) created by Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda, available on AtresPlayer Premium

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