How we do it

We accompany you during all the phases of your production.

Pre-production phase

The pre-production phase is the moment when the intimacy coordination department carries out the process of preparing all the intimate scenes. This allows their development to be as simple and agile as possible in the subsequent phases.
We identify and break down intimate content according to the level of intimacy.
We advise the production on how to deal with the filming of intimate content and design risk mitigation strategies for each scene.
We create a channel of communication that streamlines conversations about intimate content between the production and artistic team, managing the necessary conversations with the rest of the departments involved.
We collaborate with the directors in the creative planning of the scenes, offering research and documentation work that helps to enhance their vision of the scenes.


An essential part of successful work with intimacy coordination is having time and space to rehearse the scenes that require simulated sex before shooting. The rehearsals are carried out together with the directors, and are an opportunity to try out different expressive possibilities so that when the day of shooting arrives, everything flows more efficiently and the cast is safe and calm.
We help make the intimate exchange between actors happen more easily, comfortably and organically.
We energise conversations between directors and performers, seeking to enhance the narrative through intimate choreography.
We introduce the cast to the different choreographic strategies that will allow us to achieve realistic results.
Together with the directors, we design the choreography/score of the intimate scene, taking advantage of the space, time and conditions to test different expressive possibilities, shots and details that the sequence will include.


If the pre-production and rehearsal phase has been carried out correctly, our presence on set will make it easier for the work to go ahead to the satisfaction of all parties.
We collaborate with the different departments to attend to the technical details required by the scene.
We accompany the artistic team during the recording process and attend to the different needs or eventualities that may arise.
We ensure compliance with a reduced set protocol.
We manage the physical barriers and technical and choreographic details used to achieve the realism that the scene requires, ensuring at all times the protection of the cast. We also coordinate with the costume team the use of the necessary clothing for the comfort of the performers.


If the production so wished, monitoring would be carried out through to post-production to ensure that the reduced equipment protocols are adhered to in the post-production processes and that the limits agreed with the actors are adhered to in the final product.