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Some recommendations for actors

There are many concerns and questions that often come to mind before facing intimate scenes as actors. Here are some recommendations that can help and that are good to keep in mind

  • ¡Pregunta todo lo que necesites!
    Antes de tomar la decisión de embarcarte o no en un proyecto que contiene intimidad, tómate el tiempo de considerar bien la naturaleza de las escenas íntimas. Para poder estar seguro de la decisión que tomas, asegúrate de hacer todas las preguntas que necesites al equipo de producción o dirección. Puedes preguntar todos los detalles que te preocupen: qué medidas se tomarán para garantizar la seguridad durante las escenas íntimas, si habrá un coordinador/a de intimidad, el vestuario, quién será tu co-protagonista o compañero, etc.
  • Make sure you read what you sign...
    It is very important to have signed the contract before going to the shooting of intimate scenes and it is advisable that the limits agreed about these scenes are not only verbal but are reflected in your contract. If the script is incomplete and there is no information about intimate scenes when you accept the role, make sure that your contract at least includes the need for a mutual agreement about these scenes.
  • Be clear about your limits

Remember that intimate scenes can sometimes be uncomfortable to perform. Be sure to reflect on what situations may take you out of your comfort zone, but you feel like exploring as an artist, and what your personal limits are. Always be honest with your boundaries and honest in expressing your consent.

  • F.R.I.E.S
    Remember that consent must be freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific. Don't be pressured by anyone to decide what your limits are or agree to any requirements that you know you will not be able/want to do.
  • Toothbrush always at hand...
    Remember, contact with your scene partners will be very close. Take good care of your personal hygiene whenever you are in an intimate scene.
  • Don't let yourself feel pressured
    Actors generally like to be liked and avoid being problematic. That, coupled with the fact that filming is a time-sensitive and sometimes stressful place to be, can put pressure on us to say yes to things we know deep down we don't want to do. Once intimate scenes have been agreed, you don't have to accept changes that push your limits, even if the production is running late and you feel pressured.
  • Listen to yourself
    Remember that during an intimate scene, you can stop the action whenever you need to. Reasons may include possible physical discomfort or that for some reason you are feeling vulnerable in some way. Don't go beyond what your body is telling you. It is always better to stop in time and adjust than to let situations become unpleasant.
  • Communicate with your scene partner
    Make sure you find a language in which you can communicate your boundaries clearly and honestly with your scene partner, and ask him/her everything you need to know about theirs. It is advisable to check each day of the scene for mutual consent and to check at the end that everything went well.

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