Intimacy Coordination

We cater to the creative and logistical needs of the intimate content of your fiction.

We enhance the narrative capacity of the intimate scenes by collaborating with the directors in the choreography and creative vision of the scenes.
We advise on the best way to tackle the filming of the intimate scenes of each fiction, attending to the particularities and needs of each production.
We offer a network of trust, security and protection to both the actors involved and the production, mitigating the possible risks derived from these sequences.
We manage the logistical needs of intimate scenes and facilitate consent discussions between production and cast.
We help to achieve a more authentic, realistic, inclusive and diverse representation of intimacy.

And also...

If you don't know where to start


We offer consultancy services to projects that need advice at script stages, have doubts about how to proceed with their intimate content or feel they do not have the budget to hire intimacy coordination. These services can be given to production companies, directors who want to know more about how to deal with these scenes, or actors looking for the best way to deal with scenes with intimate content.

Open your eyes


We design training programmes and masterclasses for future directors, actors, producers and other professionals in the audiovisual industry, specially adapted to each group and need. The intention of these trainings is to share basic tools to work with intimate scenes in a safe and creative way, to introduce good practices in the industry and to make our methodology known. We have held some of these workshops and masterclasses in institutions and schools such as: ECAM, CIMA, Residencia de Mujeres Cineastas COOFILM, TAI, or Raquel Pérez Formación Actoral.