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The protagonists of 'Zorras' are three girls in their twenties who, exhausted of taboos, found a secret club with the aim of unleashing and fulfilling their most hidden sexual fantasies. In this way, they aim to break any established scheme and achieve satisfaction like never before. All this leads to a much greater feat, since from their small organisation emanates an authentic revolution that promotes women's liberation.
Our participation:
Zorras is one of the most special projects we have worked on. We joined the production at an early stage and were lucky enough to have long and very interesting conversations about the intimacy of the series, a fundamental part of the project, both with Noemí Casquet and with the producers and directors of the series. The whole cast threw themselves into the intimacy work, and both the rehearsal days and the shooting days were always immensely creative, fun and inspiring. We learned so much from working alongside directors Aritz Moreno and Ana Vázquez and we believe that the intimate scenes in Zorras will be a before and after in Spanish television. We can't wait for it to be shared with the world, hopefully very soon!

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