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An armed robbery takes place on the bus line that connects the airport with several cities near Barcelona. The result? Three dead robbers, a wanted man and six witnesses unable to identify the fugitive. Agent Fran Garza (Pablo Molinero) and his partner - and ex-partner - Rebeca Quirós (Ana Polvorosa) suspect that the witnesses are not telling the truth. The six claim not to have seen the killer's face, but everything suggests that they have made a pact of silence to protect the fugitive. The case soon goes viral and public opinion takes a stand in favour of the fugitive using the hashtag: #TúTúTambiénLoHarías.
Our participation:
TTLH was a real challenge due to the scale of the project. The script and David's way of shooting required a completely adaptive way of working that would help to streamline the shoot, which was already particularly complex. David was clear about what he wanted and at the same time he was open to the proposals of the coordination of intimacy and the actors. Together we built the intimacy shot by shot, looking for a language and a rhythm that would accompany the narrative of the series, which was already fast-paced.