Sierra Gador Producciones
Dir. Mario Hernández
For one day, the plot follows Edu and Ara, lovers for almost a decade, when the two were a novice actress and a novice scriptwriter. Regardless of the relationships they have had, they always find a moment to see each other and be together, a kind of oasis of peace for their lives. In fact, right now, they are both in serious relationships (very serious, actually) with their respective partners. After almost a year without being able to see each other, as they are in the best moment of their careers (especially her, something which is not always easy to manage... for him), and taking advantage of the fact that they both coincide in the same film festival, they will spend a romantic and hidden day in a hotel.
Our participation:
In this opera by Mario Hernández we had the opportunity to advise the project on the best way to deal with the intimate content of the film and to carry out the pre-production of the project to help them manage the intimate scenes. In addition, we led an intensive day of rehearsals where, together with the director and the actors Bruna Cusí and Salva Reina, we designed the intimate choreographies that would take place during the shooting of the film. We are sure that this will be a project where intimacy will form a very important part of the narrative.