The eye

Dir. Daphne Schmon
The film's story follows a young widow who travels to the place where her husband died to scatter his ashes. Upon learning what may have ended his life, she is tempted by a dark decision that could bring him back. The film stars Indian actress Sarika Thakur, known for her work in "Baar Baar Dekho)", and the cast includes Anna Savva, Linda Marlowe and Christos Stergioglou. The screenplay for "The Eye" is written by Emily Carlton, known for her work in television and short films.
Our participation:
Daphne and Emily wrote to us a few days before shooting began in Greece as they realised they needed someone to manage conversations with the cast about intimate scenes and to support them with the design of the scenes. As we were shooting in Greece, we did some research with the actors through online conversations to find the best way to approach these scenes and add certain narrative details to them.

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