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Minoria Absoluta
Netflix / Minoría Absoluta
The series follows two men: Alex and Bruno. The former has just suffered a heartbreak and the latter would have never thought that someone like Alex could attract him the slightest; but a mistake makes them meet, and what starts as a date ends up having a greater significance.
Our participation:
The challenge at Smiley was to create intimate choreography that felt as natural as possible, integrating intimacy as part of the narrative of the series. After meeting with the cast and those responsible for the series, we moved to Barcelona for an intensive day of rehearsals where, together with Guillem Clua, creator of the series, and the directors David and Marta, we designed the intimate choreographies for each scene, brought together each couple involved and rehearsed all the intimate scenes of the series in what was a very creative and fun day for everyone. Subsequently, we did some assistance on the intimate shooting days to ensure that everything was happening as planned. We are very happy with the result of the series and with the love of the work shown by the entire artistic and technical team.