Self Tape

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They started working as actresses as children, experienced a fanatical boom during their teenage years and now, in their early twenties, they are still fighting for what they thought was their dream. They are Joana and Mireia, two sisters trying to fit their past into an uncertain present.
Our participation:
This was a very special project because of how personal it was for Joana and Mireia, the creators and protagonists of this self-fiction series. The intention of intimacy in this project was to maintain the realistic tone of the episodes, integrating the organicity of the intimate encounters (and their rawness, at times) into the narrative. It is always a pleasure to work with young women creators with such clear ideas, as is the case not only with them, but also with Bárbara Farré, the director of the episodes. We are very grateful for the trust that the team had in us, and we are eager to see the results of this very special project soon.

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