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Teenage drama centred on the sexual and emotional lives of four young people. As Atresmedia explains, "through their experiences, a series that portrays the sexuality of Generation Z in a very direct way". Toni (Diego Rey), Érika (Mar Isern), Luna (Iría del Valle) and Walter (Ibrahima Kone) are close friends, but they don't know each other in person. They only follow each other on a social network that, for them, is as real as life itself. There, the four of them share their fears, problems, disappointments and recent sexual experiences, which test their beliefs about life, love and friendship.
Our participation:
We are particularly fond of this production because it was the first time we repeated with production and directing teams in less than a year. For us, this was one of the unmistakable signs that our work works. From executive production to a technical and artistic team full of young talent, people worked hard to make a series as true to the reality of Generation Z as possible and with a personality of its own. Working with Estel and Ian was a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. As with the cast, for most of whom it was one of their first projects.

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