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Created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, and led in recent seasons by Montero and Jaime Vaca as showrunners, the Netflix series follows the intense lives of a group of students at the public school Las Encinas, where it seems that every academic year they are destined to have a new mystery to solve. Love affairs, great enmities, unspeakable crimes, lots of sex... These are the ingredients that have made the Netflix series a worldwide success, and what keeps it going season after season despite the fact that its main characters change. Some leave and others arrive: in the fifth season, for example, the Argentine actress Valentina Zenere (whom we have seen in another series of the platform, 'Las chicas del cable'), the Brazilian André Lamoglia ('Juacas') and the French Adam Nourou (winner of the Goya for Best New Actor for 'Adú') have joined the cast.
Our participation:
Élite 6 was one of our first productions and a major challenge. A series with so many fans all over the world and with a very characteristic and intimate content with its own brand. It was very interesting to work with the veteran cast members and to be able to assist them in these scenes in which they already had experience and also to help the new members of the artistic team to feel more comfortable in developing these scenes, as they were also a challenge for them. In season 7 we are fortunate to repeat a large part of the cast and to continue to deepen the work with intimacy with new directors and great professionals.

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