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Lastor Media
Dir. Elena Martín / Avalon, Elástica Films, Lastor Media
Mila and her partner move together to a village on the Costa Brava. After an initial argument, Mila begins to realise that the loss of her desire comes from a deep and distant place, but her own. Alone in her family holiday home, Mila relives some of the experiences of her childhood and adolescence; memories that will help her understand the origin of her blockage in order to be able to reconcile with her own body and have a more honest relationship with those she loves the most.
Our participation:
It was a real pleasure to be able to collaborate with Elena on such a personal and unique project. With an intimate story from beginning to end and with delicate material, we approached it with the greatest of care when she called us to accompany her in the shooting of the intimate scenes of the youngest members of the film. Elena's eye for directing and her courage in getting in front of the camera at the same time is admirable. It was especially nice to work with young actors and teenagers who are having their first experiences in front of the screen. To be able to accompany and support them on this journey was a privilege.

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